The continuation of the textile adventure which started with yarn in the 1950s, we founded a new company in 2017 as the third-generation flag carriers. The main services of our new company include buying and selling of all kinds of yarn, wholesale & retail sale of peshtemal, towel and bath products, sale of products made of 100% silk and cashmere, custom design bath and beach towels, bathrobes, bed linens, home wear, home accessories, aromatic oil, fragrance, oil lamps, candle, and body care products.

The main objectives of our company are to bring together the elegance and nobleness of the past and the modernity and creativity of the future which we have inherited from our ancestors. Within the framework of these principles, we bring together our company's first child Ottomina brand to our esteemed customers. These magnificent textile products, which represent Turkish culture and identity for centuries, have been the source of inspiration for our brand. At the same time, this inspiration has been a motivating factor for acquainting the entire world a deep-rooted Ottoman heritage which has been moved from the Ottoman period to the present.

Not only a cleansing method but also a relaxing, almost therapeutic process, Turkish hammam culture has seen as one of the social areas of socialization in the past. From the 18th Century onwards, visitors from the West, who had impressed by Turkish hammam culture, denoted in the memoirs of the famous French writer wrote “Only the Turks know how to bathe’’ in his memoirs.

Ottomina is not only a brand, but it is also the biggest representative of an understanding created with the feeling of transporting and keeping alive the beautiful habits of the past, the positive energy of naturalness and living and living spaces. As Ottomina, we believe that the world-coveted Turkish towel is beyond just a textile product, and we pay great attention to the originality and quality of production of our products. Our company has adopted the working principle, which is structured, renewing day by day, working without compromising on quality, people-oriented, and high customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we work with all our strengths to design and present products that will make our customers feel unique and happy.